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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  August 24, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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have hatred for because they feel they've taken something away. my goal to zp dispel the meth of the demon. >> christian gets ton's lastward thank you very much for joining us tonight we appreciate it. >> thank you lawrence. >> the 11th hour with brian williams is next. tonight, donald trump's war with his own party. the president goes after mitch mcconnell and paul ryan again two fellow republicans that the republican president needs. plus it looks like congress will be asked to pay for the wall with taxpayer money. and it looks like the president is serious about his government shutdown threat if they don't come through with the funding. and predecessor obsession. how 45 just can't seem to get over 44. will he ever? . "the 11th hour" upon a thursday night is zbeting under way now. and good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. day 217 of the trump
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administration. and it became clearer today we're no not getting a check from mexico for the wall. in fact, the president is threatening his own party with a government shutdown if any content come through with the taxpayer money for it. tonight the "washington post" is out with new reporting that speaks to the president's possible motive going to war with religious on the million the headline trump distances himself from gop launches to avoid blame if agenda stalls it says right there trump is railing against republicans because he thinks it helps him politicly down the road for instance during a 2020 re-election bid said one outside adviser to the white house. in fact the president started his day on twitter by calling out senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan by name though not full names. saying they made a mess of the debt ceiling negotiations. that's the next looming action in d.c.
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something congress will have to tackle quickly if that's possible when it returns to washington from the august recess to avoid having the nation default on its debts. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was asked about the fracture in the party today in what was we should add the first white house press briefing in around three weeks. >> there seems to be some acry money between the president and the republican congressional leadership. how do you repair this relationship going into the fall in. >> look i think the relationships are fine. certainly there are going to be policy differences. but there are also a lot of shared goals that's what we're focused on. >> i want to read the comments from senator bob corker i'm sure you've seen them poefr a week ago about the president saying that president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability more some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. he also said he is not sure that the president understands the character of this nation. do you have any response totals
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from a republican senator. >> i think that's a ridiculous pan outrageous claim and doesn't digny fie a spoons from this podium. >> politico reports that as trump hurls the insults he is also trying to bring mcconnell, ryan and their democratic counterparts, minority leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi for a meeting to talk about raising the debt ceiling and the threat by the president of a government shut dwun the politic of quote contains the following understatement. it could be an awkward meeting. the whole idea of a government shutdown and not back are because of a fight with the opposition party mind you is something the president did he beaued petition ral in phoenix. >> we are build ago war on the southern border was absolutely necessarily. the obstructionist democrats would like not to do fw but
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believe me sflchlt all of this led white house reporters to ask the press secretary about that promise of mexican financing of the wall. >> the president promised over and over again during the campaign that mexico would for the wall why is he threatening a government shut dwun is congress won't pay for it the president is making sure this gets done. we know that the wall and other security measures at the border work. we've sienna take place over the last decade and we're committed to making sure the american people are protected we're going to continue to push forward and make sure the wall gets built. >> how is that in not a conseks from the white house is that mexico isn't going to pay for the wall and american taxpayers will? this is something the president is committed to. he is committed to protecting american lives and doing that through the border wall is something that's important it's a priority and we're moving forward with it. >> he is not saying that mexico is going to pay for it. >> he hasn't said they're not either. >> on that let's bring in font's lead off panel mike allen
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cofounder of the news organization axe owesen a a veteran of "new york times." washingtons politic of appear time magazine moreno shannon pettypiece and white house reporter for the associated press welcome back all of you and mr. la mere we'll begin with you. you did some thinking and writing today about what might be the president's the -- what might be behind his thinking in going after fellow republicans in congress. >> it's a couple of things here. first, the president, look, sees a congress that has pretty low approval ralt rating not that the president doesn't. he is -- remember he has never been a true republican. he used to be a democrat. he ran last year this was not ---er did not adopt muchway in the way of republican orthodoxy in his campaign. he still gofrps that way. he has done little to mend relationships for forest relationships with many senators or those in congress among in his own party. he is someone who is looking to
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has always been looking to advance his own interests his own personal brand. he is looking for a win looking to fulfill a campaign promised. the wall chk is the most recent. before that it was health care. he is looking for it for himself more than pushing forward the agenda of republicans on the hill. he also has not opinion shy taking fights to mitch mcconnell to paul ryan, suggesting he would back primary challenges to incumbent republican senators. and which of course is not something the senate majority leader is going to endorse. >> mike allen, when did we drop the veil on the funding from mexico for the wall? did it just happen over time? and in -- this wall if financed would be i believe the largest public works project singles the interstate highway system. it's a big ticket item for the president to throw down with congress. >> well it's a great point,
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brian. and we saw in the now leaked conversation with mexican officials from the very beginning of the energies that the president was basically conceding that this wasn't going to happen. he just didn't want to talk about it. so i don't know if it's been formally acknowledged before. but this is certainly the case. and picking up on jonathan's point about the relationships, brian, the president doesn't have one friend among the senators. he is zero for one hundred. less left to ted cruz to give you perspective. i can tell you republicans are so frustrated and irritated about the fact that the president has used this break to attack republicans who he desperately needs. axios tonight popped a story a few minutes ago saying the next week the president will promote tax reform but there is not going to be a formal administration plan.
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brian we will see him out doing rallies and speeches in rust belt states elsewhere with arndt the country high profile wlous meeting talk about the need tor tax reform and trying to sell people on the benefits of it. brian something you will read tomorrow in the news letter axios saying yeah the white house is deliberately not putting out their own plan even though the treasury secretary had said in the past that they want to. the house ways and means committee is going to come up with the tax reform plan that everyone will run with and the administration tells -- official tells me we need -- we want houts ways and means to own it. they realized the problems that came during healthy reform with having their own plan. the president is going to cheer lead for the plan but not actually propose the architect yur. they are all linked together he may like the idea of running against the congress. he is an r they're r's they're
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stuck with each other. >>? >> shannon in meeting think about the meeting the two least attacked people at the meeting are pelosi and schumer. it's the republicans who are going to be in that meeting with the president coming off fresh personal attacks. >> yeah, i think this week made so clear that this is a war with the republican party. in president likes to find enemies. he was great at attacking the establishment during the primaries. he was great at attacking hillary clinton during the general election. he now doesn't have that sort of enemy punching bag. he could be going after democrats. going after big corporations could be going after foreign governments. he has chosen to go after his own party. i'm sure part of that is being driven by the accurate if a that he doesn't feel the party is supporting him. but this is a war with the establishment. and the base is find with that. the base feels like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are everything they fought against. that is what is wrong with washington. that's what's got them to this position in their life.
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and there is a calculation in the white house in the outer circle of advisers that the president president will whip this war, that his base will stick by him if he shuts down the government and doesn't get that wall funding his base will stick by him and they will blame ryan and mcconnell. it's a calculation but their 2020 is a lot further out than 2018 for a lot of the senators and houts members looking at that. >> shrinks have a word for this it's disnancy how odd that the president campaigning for you all deserve a tax cut and you're going to get it wants no ownership. he is saying to the hill let me know when you guys come up with a plan if we're lucky get one road show out of it but i want something to sign. >> there is a parallel also to his real estate contrary. for a long time he was develop and made stuch but in the recent decades i just put him a name on thing listening or franchiseening it's a president has not shone much in the way in the command of nitty-gritty of
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the policy. he has a staff plagued with infighting and recently lots of turnover. they're trying to get in re feet under them to mick a legislative push. they have to convince him there to be in front of it and actually help his republican colleagues on the hill move forward. during the health care bill deeblt he did as much harm as good in most republicans estimations a and his efforts to try to push forward the agenda. it's also we're seeing again as a related point how difficult it is to get him on message and coach him. wave seen this in recent days with his chief of staff. all the suggestion he is going do bring more control to the white house. and maybe he has disciplined the staff more but has no compact on the president who seems to be going out of his way at times to assert his independence and contradict some of the advice he has been getting. >> mike -- mike you and i might be old institutionalists who is there to say mr. president we don't usually put much talk in play about the debt ceiling and
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how it may or may not be passed because that can roil markets and this is a global economy. >> sno question and the markets are already having jiters about the possibility of a government shut gown goldman sachs last week before the comments in phoenix telling clients there is a 50/50 chance of a shutdown. our sources saying as high as 75% with a possibility either in separate o september, september 30th one deadline or perhaps punted until the end of december. but we're told that a big part of whether or not they go with a shutdown strategy, which some in the white house want, no one on the hill wants, no leaders on the hill wants but it's going to be a little bit how the president feels. and we can tell this president is spoiling for a fight. brian i'll tell you a nuance is that with steve bannon gone, the president now in the west wing
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is surrounded mostly by pretty conventional moderate people there's no one left to color outside the lines the way steve bannon did. and that may make the president more likely to buck them, be more in a fighting mood. brian what puzzles the republicans that we're talking to is there is so much hunger, appetite need on capitol hill and among republicans to pass tax reform. they've had this embarrassment on health reform. the one word i would correct in the washington psz headline the you just read a great story. but if agenda stalls well we're there mate as my ausy enclosing would say. what somebody said to me tonight as you're going to read in the morning in on ox yos a axios how pessimistic the the business communities is about gutting tax reform process all the president needs to be is pant mime being a president just go through the motions of being interested and people would jump on it.
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but at the moment he is what with one person said to me is self-isolating. they drew a line between the fight with leadership and also alienating all the ceo. the president in the loneliest job in the world is making himself even lonelier. >> shannon this may be a question of the rhetorical variety. but who is around to say to the president, you've got the senate and the house. better than this it does not get for presidents politicly. >> possibly mike pence as vice president. they still have a close relationship. the two of them. >> you wrote about mike pence today. >> and i traveled with him in lant america very close to the president. the president knows that he has skills he needs. possibly pence. but i mean you know he is who he is and pence acknowledges that trump is a president he is going to do it his which and he is not going to do it the mike pence way. but he does have that i guess angel on his shoulder or demon whatever proeskt you come from.
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>> well that's a person. and may be an answer to our question. our great thanks to mike allen to shannon pettypiece jonathan la mere to a lead off panel. after the first break why september could be the cruellest month for a donald trump. former white house aide warning the president it will be a meat grinder. there's imagery. the story we "the 11th hour" continues on a thursday night. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ going somewhere? whoooo.
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>> the one person who has done so much is steve bannon i wanted
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to give him a proper goodbye. come on up here, steve. steve you look great. sorry to see you go. >> you've only made me more powerful. >> that was from tonight's special edition of the thursday evening "snl" weekend update and welcome back to the 11th hour. while there are still days to go, president trump shall wrap up the eventful month of august, marked by violent headlines over north korea, charlottesville and his fellow republicans really. a new poll out from george washington university shows 71% of respondents saying his behavior is not what they expect four-door an american president. and now evidence the president was warned about what's coming when the calendar turns over to september. julie hirschfield davis of the "new york times" writes that before a leaving the payroll
8:20 pm
steve bannon quote repeatedly warned mr. trump and john f kelly the white house chief of staff that september could be the breaking point for the trump presidency. a total meat grinder, bannon told them tp joining us tonight to talk about coronell belcher back with us the democratic police sisters work on president obama ace campaigns and with a a number of of house democrats. david jolly former congressman from florida. a different time that was when he was in the house of represent he was. congressman i'm beginning with you. i have a dramatic reading from something just dropped tonight. this is an editorial from the wall street journal. from the editorial board of. he informed second wife marla map willing by lacking are leaking it "the new york times." he seems to be using at which timer to tell republicans in congress that he is divorcing them at least seeking a trial
8:21 pm
separation for his -- and for its own self-preservation the gop congress is going to have to find different livingston arrangements. david, this goes on to say, they're just going to have to get used to governing with an independent president. but what does that do to your former brothers and sisters members of the house of representatives, 435 people, all of them up for re-election in 2018? >> look this has never been a president who is an example of moral integrity or of loyalty. he hijacked the republican party but at the same time is happy to throw it into the dust bin of history if that's what 2 takes for him to get out of this presidency with his ego in place. we face two issues? soept. one far more important than the other. there is the annual budget which concludes september 30th. if they don't have a budget and they won't they can look the other which and pass a temporary budgets but it's the debt limit that will be the fight that steve bannon was referring to that would be the meat grinder.
8:22 pm
and brian i would ask you this and every viewer tonight whefrs the last time you heard republicans or this president talk about debt reduction or deficit reduction? when was the last time republicans made the debt an issue? we're approaching $20 trillion for decades he reowe we ran on that issue. pu they're going to look the other way on this and going to give the voters a binary choice and that's going to be the wall and border security or not. and that will be the way the president keeps this debate going. >> cornell, why do i get the impression that police sisters like yourself with a d after your name is slightly flummoxed as just as kuchdsed as the rest of uses winter rnd woulding where hau to call trump's america on the fly where the ceiling it in the polls and where the floor is in the polls. >> we are at a special time. i wanted us to understand the conexit of this trump is actually a president who is president without a plurality of the vote, right we may go a decade two decades before we see
8:23 pm
this sort of situation again where it is -- it is kind of a flukey thing. when you see what trump is doing it is the continuation to me of what many of us talked about before with the rise of the tea party sort of the civil war within the republican party for the parties and minds of the republican party. right now brian i would argue when you look at mitch mccome and speaker ryan they they need him more than trump needs them. you look at polling of republicans that no of the conventional republicans can beat him in a republican primary. and the core, the base of the republican party right now they are -- ner a lot more in line in rally around trump than they are with mitch mcconnell or speaker ryan right now. and that is really the problem for the republican party but also the problem for our nation right now. because you know republicans do control both the house and the senate. and in sort of dysfunction alts that you see happening within the republican party, this civil war of of the hearts and minds
8:24 pm
of the republican party is the republican party donald trump? or is the republican party speaker ryan? right? and right now it's -- when you look at the core base of the republican party it's kind of hard to argue that speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell are winning. >> so congressman, if you were still of an incumbent at the tail end of the summer recess preparing to go back to washington and i told you you can't run on gorsuch and you certainly can't go home and brag to the folks that you led to at least a government shutdown. what are you going to run on? >> well, so that's why they're going to reset the debate through whatever poll tested means they can. that is where bannon advised trump on the wall. let's be honest i was part what i called the governing caucus in the republican party it was a minority compared to the shutdown caucus within the republican parties. we once took two votes in the same months once to repeal the death tax and a second vote to counts the rove knew towards
8:25 pm
balancing the budget in the death tax. i voted no on both and got called a rein o because of it. what you are going to see happen is thes freedom caucus is will fall in la lain because the faith math is the math there is no way to win the debt limit increase there is no which to do with trump. they will find the restrictry where they can clues it. the reality is the president has taken over the party we have never seen a weaker speaker of the house or weaker majorities leader of the senate than we are seeing roupt. they were stronger with a democrat in the white houses than they are with donald trump in the white house as a republican. >> one bereave post skrim rino means republican in name only we meant know aspersions toward the world of nature cornell here is a serious question for you. where are the democrats? who are the democrats, meaning leaders? and is this -- is it possible this is an intentional rope a dope lay low period or does this just nicely coincide with a
8:26 pm
period of brain deadedness throughout the party. >> i'm one who would argue -- i think you see it in some of the special election he is, brian just being against trump and trump's low aapproval numbers won't be enough. democrats in fact have to give middle america something to vote for. and i'm also one who is sort of outside of the party main stream thinking is because the party seems to be obsessed with somehow going courting trump voters when frankly when you look at the battle ground states trump don't have a majorities in michigan or wisconsin or pennsylvania, right he doesn't have the majorities that barack obama had. i'm woun of the democrats who thinks the futures of the party does not lie in somehow bringing trump voters around the democrats but in fact re-establishing and expanding on that barack obama majority back to back majority coalition. >> who is going to do that cornell? >> you know that's a really good question, brian. that's -- that's a really good
8:27 pm
question. but, look, i think there are leaders in the democratic party thinking about unrg and from congressman ryan to senator booker, et cetera. i think we have sop voices out there who will try to cable back together the coalition. >> this is why we'll have you back to continue the conversation. our great thanks for joining us late on thursday night late in the summer cornell belcher dachd jolly still to come as we mentioned august rolls on. so does the work of special counsel roblt mueller. "the 11th hour" rolls on, right after this. we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier,
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welcome back to our broadcast. we are well into the shank of august. the dog days when life seems to slow down for those fortunate enough to take time off. at least traffic thins out for all of us till trying to get to work. one constant during the summer of 2017, robert mueller keeps waking up every morning and going to work. investigating the case of russian interference in our 2016 election. there is new reporting on that tonight as the daily beast is reporting quote, mueller has essentially built his own minia tour justice department. that's a report that may not sit well with the president. those around him he of course clashed with multiple republican senators we learn now over russia in the past few days. as reported last night, joining us to talk about all the of it
8:32 pm
tonight political reporter for "the new york times" ken vogel and rick stingle appear the former managing editor of time magazine. ken walk us through what you know and what is known about team mueller. >> well, brian there are a lot of clues in the types of people who mueller has brought onboard to steer this investigation. a lot of folks with backgrounds in financial crimes. that's important. because while the focus publicly and from a lot of democrats who are trying to use the russia issue to weaken trump is on ties between donald trump's campaign and russia and potential collusion over the hacked emails or other potentially damaging information to hillary clinton where the smart money is is on serious inquiry into trump's finances and how those are connected to russia, including
8:33 pm
an investigation into the 2013 miss universe passageant in moscow. including russians buying condos in trump properties, including investigations into paul manafort, the former campaign chairman for donald trump and his connections to russian and ukrainian oligarchings. the fact that mueller brought on so many people specialized in this area shows where he is headed. >> rick, recall with us that mueller has pretty much all the time he needs or wants to take. he has all but unlimited financial resources. we've also seen a bunch of white house council personal lawyers for the president come and go. i would imagine they're bee deviled by the fact that the client keeps saying out loud to people that he would like russia to go way. why didn't you help me can you help me make this go away. >> well brian they don't want the client to be talking about
8:34 pm
it at all. mueller has put together this all-star team. and you know the thing that i keep thinking about when i hear that -- i'm sorry it's the shank of august. i'll say something i wouldn't normally say. it's like why weren't the men and women of the fourth estate doing these stories during the campaign? when he was the republican nominee for president? where were the stories about russians buying condominiums and the the miss universe contest and all of the things that mueller is investigating now? why didn't we see them during the campaign? that bothered me at the time still bothers me now. >> ken vogel long-term member of our estate why doesn't you take on the question from the former editor of time magazine. >> i certainly think that there was coverage of that. i personally wrote a log in story about paul manafort's connection to a guy who had deep ties to russian intelligence. he was his number two on the ground in ukraine working for in pro russian party in ukraine wg, the party of regents.
8:35 pm
there was reporting on trump's finances. but look it's unquestionable there was more investigative reporting on hillary clinton who had a long track record of in public service. and there was a lot of attention on the clinton foundation. and i think those were relevant stories and worthwhile. and there were stories that were sort of the counterpoint on trump's finances process. but for whatever reason they just didn't break through part of it may be because there was this narrative about the clintons over the years and finances that just resonated more. but trs sort of an outstanding question of the election as to why some of these things didn't get more attention even as members of the media were trying to dig into them. >> rick is it possible members of the media thought there was no chance they thought they were reporting on a future president of the united states or that they knew disparity east these the trump tower storyic canning around this and that but they force forced something about the
8:36 pm
president i focusing the mine for journalists. >> no absolutely the press has been heroic since he has been elected it does concentrate the mind. and certainly look, we were all in one way or another deluded by the facts that we were seeing. people but thought mrs. clinton would be elected that he wasn't a legitimate candidate he didn't deserve the kind of inspection other candidates had. you can look in retrospect and come up wall a of the reasons i'm being regretful and remorseful here in the shank of august. >> ken vogel in 15 seconds or less, any change in the tightness of the ship that mueller famously likes to run? >> i don't think so. i mean we are able to extrapolate about possible directions that the investigation might be taking from the types of people who he brought on beard and maybe a little bit from sources who have some knowledge. but it's more from the other end of things, from the people who
8:37 pm
are the targets, who are people of interest and not so much leaks from mueller's camp. that does speak to the tightness of the ship. >>. action director mueller if you're watching please throe our friends ken and us others a bone from time to time. our thanks token and rick. coming up after a break for us the "washington post" is keeping a list. it's about the trump presidency. we'll talk to the author of it. here tonight, more on that when "the 11th hour" continues. 're close to the people you love,
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8:41 pm
i'm talking about through the legislature than any president. for a while harry truman ha us. i think we've gotten more than anybody, including harry truman who was number one. but they will tell you we got none. >> knows claims about what the trump administration has done in terms of legislation, especially when compared to other administrations aren't view. and they have driven historians to distraction. the "washington post" chose to go another way they have looked at the trump administration in a different method. phillip bump has compiled a list of things president trump has undone. the list is lengthy. bump asked all followers on twitter to do to point out anything he had forgotten process. it runs the gamut from withdrawing from the paris climate accordings to banning transgender members of the military removing a bike sharing station from the white house. pull it'ser prize winning column
8:42 pm
knit connie schultz is with us from her hometown in cleveland and the aforementioned author of what trump has undone phillip bump narcotic correspondent for the "washington post" is with us. there will be a quiz on the list. we are going to repeat it with the conversation. and we're of course anxious for people to go read the list. in its organic form at the "washington post". phillip the same thing i'll ask connie in a second. some people will look at the list as a thing, a list of things undone. others will look at it as a list of achievements by president trump. >> that's exactly right part of the feedback i've gotten is particularly that, that this is what people wanted to see donald trump do. look this is not an accident that all of these things happened that all of these rules regulations were overkurnd turned either by act of congress that trump then signed into law or by trump acting uni laterally. it's not an accident part of this is donald trump and allays were specifically going to washington to in part dismantle
8:43 pm
the federal government in this which and this is the result. >> connie you could put together a separate list of things turned on their ear. a in the last seven months. and politicians of course traditionally run on pledges. what i'm going to do for you and what not -- not what i'm going to undo. how do you think this list will break in the state of ohio? >> well, pretty much the way it's going to break across the country when you look at who is targeted. we keep hearing so many people why aren't the republics in congress standing up more to donald trump? well this list is the reason why. this is the right wing agenda. look who is is antarcticed for example people who are applying for unemployment for a system they paid into will have to be drug tested. you're talking about people who may have addiction issues now have to prove they dev the money to theory theory already paid into the system look at transgender students in high schools protections will be gone. mandatory sentencing who is most
8:44 pm
vulnerable with mandatory sentencing let's see people in poverty. people of color. in america. i've done a lot of reporting over the years on people falsely incarcerated. they dent to be black. they are male have no money no resources when you start looking at who is targeted i think about all those populations exist in ohio just like they exist anywhere in the country pu but this is exactly what theptsed. this is why they're not standing up more i think publicly to denounce so many awful things including kpenlts about charlottesville. >> connie for angry or sad democrats who may be watching tonight who fear their party is in some kind of power save mode aren't thee all lay ups or open net shots for chuck schumer and/or any any elected democrat to go up and raise up the flag pole. >> i think it's not just for them it's for all the people who are activists in the country or including i've talked to you before about all the people who the first time in their lives are speaking ut and reaching out to representatives.
8:45 pm
i am so grateful to phillip in the "washington post" for this list. and i intend to share it on social media i hope everyone watching intends to share it because education is power. information is power. and this is a really -- dsh really informative list. it was late morning i looked down at my phone and saw your request of your followers twitter users other people forwarded it and retweeted it. what have i missed? did you hear of anything of consequence that was not on your list. >> we got a few things more environmental things i would say at least a third of the list is environmentsle regulations which is sort of fascinating to me. there was one for example that the trump administration had rescinded a rule limiting the ability of i believe swordfish fishermen to use nets the number of endangered species that they could kill with their nets that was the trump -- i mean this is the grant lart that this things gets into that obviously there are very powerful special interests that wanted things
8:46 pm
reversed they have had them reversed >> let's pause the conversation connie and phillip are staying with us and coming up why is president trump still tweeting about president obama? when "the 11th hour" continues. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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welcome back. president trump went after one of his favorite targets this morning, retweeting an image of himself. perhaps you saw this. eclipsing former president obama on the heels of this week's eclipse. this is just two days after president trump criticized obama in his fiery rally in phoenix. >> when there was a big problem, barack obama never said it took place because of radical islamic terrorists. he never said that. what about race relations in the united states? now i have to say they were pretty bad under barack obama. that i can tell. >> you date/8 back to before he
8:50 pm
was a candidate for years in fantastic donald trump gave rise to the birther movement falsely questioning obama's place of birth. >> all i want to do is see this fwie's birth certificate. if he weren't lying why wouldn't he just solve it? i wish he would he would. because if he doesn't, it's one of the greatest scams in the history of politics. i think he's the worst president maybe in the history of our country. by the way, just a question, did president obama ever come to a jam boree? >> back with us, connie schultz, philip bump. con any, i don't know if you have a degree in psychology, but what's going on, does trump put himself as obama's peer by being in the office he's achieved. >> brian, this is that man who is obsessed with his girlfriend's ex. and no matter how many times she
8:51 pm
tells him she's over him, he keeps scouring social media to him, to the point she realizes, he's right, he was the better guy. and the eclipse and algae, can we carry it forward, that means he's the darkens that's blocking braum and then the begun -- it is a absolute object session with donald trump. >> philip also in the retweeting, retweeting has its dangers. and in that eclipse graphic that the president retweeted, some cursory reporting on the man who originally tweeted it, what did we find out? >> we found out one of his recent tweets was a anti-sem he theic tweet of people driving in his hometown in new jersey, which he tries to defended. politicians try to be careful. and this is what happens.
8:52 pm
i would say at least the top of my head, at least the third time he's retweeted someone who's racist simply because he acts impulsively and his thumbs move faster than his brain. >> i read allowed frlt new wall street journal editorial board piece that dropped that said congress needs to realize they're governing with a independent president. so if angus king of maine, a independent senator had been elevated to the presidency, kind of how, what it would be like. >> only the wall street journal editorial board would call this menace in the white house independent. his independence is the least of our concerns. he's belligerent, disrespectful of entires groups of america, he has disdain for much of the population he's supposed to be serving. to call him independent is to really cast him in some sort of magical light.
8:53 pm
he is a dangerous man right now. that's what we're dealing with in america. >> yet when you walk down a street in hard hit suburban ac ron, the support is still there, the faith is there. >> yes, but i live in the heart of cleveland. i live in the largest development built in the city since world war ii, surrounded by blight. i see the harm that these policies are going to inflict on the people right around me, the people who i live with, most of whom do not look like me, most of whom do not have my income or my access. and so you're right, the supporters are out there, i hear from them every single day. i won't mock them because i think some of them are reachable. and i do believe they're reachable. and i'm -- i'm counting on that. >> philip, just to underscore a point you made earlier, so many of the items on your list are
8:54 pm
environmental. >> exactly. and i mean, obviously donald trump came into this office and put a hard focus on coal mining, for example, he put hard focus on -- he's going to undo the paris accord, that's because the epa was responding to the climate changes, there are a dozen things on the list that are revocations of steps forward in terms of environment protection. >> two print journalists joining us, he certainly got our attention when he dropped the list this morning, and in her thoughtful comments tonight got our attention. thanks to you both. coming up after a break, we have a update on the big and sprawling storm. that's what it looked like from
8:55 pm
the international space station 212 miles above it. it's poised to be the first major hurricane to make landfall in this country in a dozen years. ♪
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♪ if you've got the time welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ ♪ miller beer ♪ cameras. introducing the newly redesigned gla suv. at a price that'll make you feel like you've gotten away with something. the 2018 gla. lease the gla250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. last thing before we go tonight is a late update on the position and forecast of a storm called hurricane harvey. in about 24 hours it's going to be the first major hurricane, that means category 3 or higher, to make landfall in this country
8:59 pm
in a dozen years. this is storm season thrks one's in the gulf which in late august is nothing but statute rated fuel for hurricanes. as of now and subject to change, most forecast models have this coming to shore slightly north and east of corpus christi texas, it will come late night fritd, wind could be 85 miles an hour or higher. after landfall is when harvey becomes a big problem, the spaghetti strand computer models computing its path is like a bird necessary, it could stall, meander or back out over the gulf and gain strength all over again. but texas gulf coast east of louisiana is in for trouble. it's possible some places will see 35 inches of rain between now and wednesday, 10 to
9:00 pm
20 inches of rain is likely in a lot of places. during these days when millions of americans are enjoying a sunny sky and vacation, let us please remember all of our fellow americans in the path of this big storm. that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you for being here with us. good night from nbc headquarters in new york. big show tonight. lot going on. we are keeping a eye out on whether the president might make a extraordinary and early use of the pardon power to pardon convicted former arizona sheriff joe arpaio tonight. we've been getting mixed messages. the white house saying we don't expect a announcement on that soon but we're also told that the paperwork has been prepared already and the talking points have been distributed to white house surrogates in terms of how they should talk about that when it happens. so, the


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